Our Services

We Love to Help Digitalize Your Business

Social Media Optimization

SentKing will provide social media support using the Facebook group, Borneo Food Hunter which has an audience reach of 140k accounts.

Personal Domain

Create and personalise your own unique domain as well as generate your own personal unique QR code for your business.

Product Listing

Unlimited product listing as well as product display with full control of product listing given solely to the merchant.

New Order Notification

Speed up your order management efficiency with our real-time notifications. You will get notified through mobile push notifications and backend popup alert.


Create and personalise your own coupons. Coupons are created to inform audiences of product offerings, and this helps accomplish goals in the process.

Pop-Up Feature

Display offers and announcements on your webstore using our pop-up feature. Our pop-up feature ensures immediate visual contact when a customer enters your webstore.

Printing Support

SentKing provides printing support, in which merchants can print their receipts, or print the generated PDF file of their orders.

Online Invoice

You can send online invoices to your customers through WhatsApp messages which allows you to get paid quickly and effortlessly.


Inventory control ensures you always have enough stock for customers and also helps you balance your spent acquiring and stored stocks.